June 22, 1986 – Elisha  Michael Enoc has a vision of the copper sheets in a cave.

June 23, 1986 – Elisha Enoc travels to the location and finds the cave. However, ha cannot enter the cave because the entrance is blocked.

September 20, 1986 -Elisha Enoc has a vision of Jesus Christ. Christ gives a mission to Elisha Enoc to translate the copper sheets. This work will prepare the way for the establishment of the Kingdom of Maharlika.

January 25, 1987 – Elisha Enoc is baptized by three mysterious strangers. He his also ordained to the “holy priesthood of God”.

April 6, 1987 – Elisha Enoc begins the translation of the copper sheets through a series fo dreams. In these dreams a man named Oleeha helps him to translate.

November 21, 1987 – The copper sheets are completely translated.

1989 – The Laguna Copperplate is discovered. It is later translated by Dutch anthropologist Antoon Postma. The copperplate makes mention of a man named Namwaran. The copper sheets discovered by Elisha Enoc contain a record called the Book of Namwaran.

November 21, 2007 – Elisha Enoc begins self publishing the Aklatan. He begins sharing this book to help start building the prophesied Kingdom of Maharlika.


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